The Blog

You’re probably noticing that we’re building content here. This is a two fold thing.

There’s the web-series that we’re creating, but it’s something more than that. I believe in the power of digital media and content in a big way, that it is has the scope and speed to move information and dialogue with an immediacy and inclusiveness that surpasses most traditional media outlets. And maybe it’s a bit corny, but I really want to create something that is a community for people and by people who care about the things that are important, worthwhile and relevant. And let’s just put it out there: there’s a lot from the landscape and the discourse that’s missing and we want to change that.

So, in short, we’re trying to build a web-series and a blog. We’re trying to see how that goes, what works, what doesn’t work and so on and so forth. So, please subscribe, email us ( and follow us here and on Twitter as we create The Maroon Colony.


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