A Great Cover (Idea): Adele and The Bee Gees’ “Run to Me”

Honestly, that would have been such an amazing collaboration, but with only Barry left, not possible. THOUGH, a duet between Barry Gibb and Adele would be amazing. But couldn’t you see Adele covering “Run to Me”? The whole lush yet stripped down ballad is right up her alley. I’m surprised that no pop singer/act has covered this in recent years. I actually think One Direction would’ve done a great job with this song, that is before the one kid that could genuinely sing Zayn left. But you know what would have been the ULTIMATE cover of this? Queen killing this, with Freddy Mercury tearing up those lead vocals. But, alas. Anyway, can someone call Adele’s people and get her on this?

Dalida Shows You How Mondays Are Done

And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. Hell, the whole week, etc etc.

Maybe it’s just me, but the weather sucks across the country today (it’s grey in SF, foggy in LA and horrendous on the East Coast according to my Gchats) ¬†there’s a pretty heavy Monday slump going on that only a Vitamin B shot in the ass might be able to fix.

Or Dalida. Yes, the only woman in the world that can sing and make you believe that Mondays are great. The Baddest Bitch of French Disco made a song titled, “Let Me Dance to (Monday and Tuesday and Be Fly Forever Tricks).” ¬†(I added that “tricks” part, full disclosure.) You know how rare your life gotta be for Monday to be day dope enough to make a song to dance to? So, just in case you don’t have your own Dr. Feelgood to come to your office/cubicle/Whole Foods cash register, let Dalida revolutionize your life Mondays.

You should read about her extraordinary life here.