The Based Gods of Black Internets Have Give You The Obama Mixtape You Ain’t Even Know You Needed

I know, my ass has been ghost and MIA like I owe y’all tax money and I’m going to address that at some point before the end of 2015, BUT, until then, I’m going to give you this sonic ambrosia that the trap gods have whipped up in the basement.

Just in case you missed it, Obama just broke code and came for Ben Carson and his crew for “popping off” at the mouth about things like foreign policy and being some hating ass haters. I direct you to the geniuses over at Very Smart Brothas for their analysis and take on the whole thing.

But because Black people with a Wi-Fi connection have absolutely no motherfucking chill, there’s a song. With a catchy beat that’s going to make you hate yourself for liking it. And they put that picture of Obama with the tucked-in sweats next to it, because favor ain’t fair, beloveds.

obama basketball

Don’t hurt ’em Barry.

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